Travel light!

If you really want to go somewhere new every day, you need to travel light.  To that end, the most important lessons we've learned about packing and traveling lightly are as follows:

1) Carry-on everything, at all times.  Seriously, checking luggage is for suckers (with the exception of souvenir/alcohol storage when flying home).  This will force you to pack only the essentials, and puts you in a portable frame of mind.

2) Speaking of carry-ons.. buy a good travel backpack.  For months, I agonized over whether to buy an Osprey Farpoint or Osprey Porter, but in the end, I went with the eBags Mother Lode Weekender (good for far longer than a weekend, so deduct points for the name).  There are plenty of other great options out there, but I prefer something you can put on your back to free up your hands.

3) Roll your clothes!  Alright, some people say the jury is still out on folding vs. rolling, but not as far as I'm concerned.  However, whether or not you roll or fold, your next step should be to..

4) ..use packing cubes.  Once again, you can get inexpensive packing cubes in a variety of sizes on Amazon.  They're great for staying organized while you pack, as well as segregating dirty clothes towards the end of your trip.

5) "Will I be unhappy if I don't take this with me?" Ask yourself that repeatedly as you pack.  Do it out loud, and maybe even in an operatic voice for maximal effect.

6) Get Global Entry, if you're eligible.  Yes, the application process can be a pain.  But most premium credit cards will reimburse the application fee, and once it's done, you're good for 5 years.  And honestly, if you travel more than once in that five year period, the time you spent applying will be returned to you (and then some).  Plus, you get access to TSA Pre√ as well.

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